REEVO Agents

A REEVO Agent can be anyone or any company that through various ways has access to relevant information about the real estate market that may result in a potential real estate sale or rental.


Examples: Hotels, Media Companies, restaurants,Taxi companies, Public transportation, catering, and any individual who may use his contacts to send valid real estate leads.


After registration, the REEVO Agent has access to a unique virtual Form that can be sent whenever necessary needing only an internet connection. All messages generated in this form are sent to the REEVO Platform and to the REEVO Agent so he can monitorize his account or REEVO Point activity.


The REEVO Agent is notified if the client is a valid and qualified one. If that’s the case and the deal goes thru then the REEVO Agent is entitled to a "Referral Fee". You will be making money just by using your network of contacts and spread the information available through third parties.

There are no impediments to a company or individual of legal age to become a REEVO Agent.


REEVO Agent Registration can be done through the REEVO Platform (website and App) or with a REEVO Official Representative. It has no cost to register and you will automatically receive your REEVO Point that leads to your exclusive Dynamic Referral Form (*) .


(*) Dynamic Referral Form - Official Form of the Dynamic Referral System Corporation used by alI REEVO Agents to identify the customer and describe the customer’s needs. The better the form is filled out the greater the chances are of closing the deal.

Become an Agent

REEVO Welcome Kit

By registering, a REEVO Agent receives a welcome kit containing the REEVO Point with the QR Code that gives access to his personalized real estate form and a dashboard that allows following the stage of the generated leads. With REEVO App Agents and users can have all these tools on the palm of the hand.