The REEVO Point is a powerful marketing tool, already tested and with surprising results.
The advantage for any REEVO Agent is that this tool allows you to capture potential customers anywhere your imagination takes you to.

The REEVO Point may be in establishments, released through social networks, a screen film or television, a boat, hotel, restaurant anywhere in the world. All contacts generated in the form of a REEVO Agent who has a REEVO Point are sent to members of the Elite Selection of the geographical area after validated by the platform. All the leads are registered and can be viewed and monitored once registered on the REEVO Platform. 

REEVO Points always direct the user to a unique Real Estate Form of the REEVO agent. To prevent fraud, all forms of the REEVO platform are under the urls and With the REEVO Point, any person or company anywhere in the world can generate and monitor their real estate leads with the guarantee of high quality services provided by our global network, the Elite Selection.