Elite Selection - Global Real Estate Network
is a network of professionals in the international real estate market that represent elite companies in their countries and have proven to be an example of professionalism and experience in their own markets. These professionals have with DRS an exclusive agreement to send real estate leads from their countries or regions which are directed to the Member or Members of the Elite Selection of the required market.

These international partners constantly receive information on legal and tax issues from all International Members as well as investment opportunities in order to foster international partnerships and to get information about the properties commercialized by the Agents included in the Elite Selection.

Members of the Elite Selection have already solidified their cooperation with the DRS by past experiences and have created a trusty and solid partnership, which results in constant sending of qualified leads for the various international markets.

The clients have access to information even in their country of origin, through marketing material accessible through Elite Selection Private Member’s Area. Then DRS creates a selection of properties provided by the real estate professionals and developers, and schedules the inspection visits with clients already qualified by trained DRS professionals.